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Growing Practices

Heat Source: The greenhouses are heated with hot water boilers fed with scrap wood from pallets, and waste wood from a local sawmill.  We use LP gas for backup heat.  From November through late April, stoking the heaters is nearly a fulltime job.

Pollination: Bumble bees are used for pollination.  The bees are hard workers and non-threatening to us.  They go about their business from blossom to blossom helping us to grow nearly perfect shaped fruit. www.koppert.com/pollination

Insect Control: Since we began growing tomatoes, we have been pesticide free.  We use beneficial insects to track and destroy any predatory bugs that might invade the greenhouses.  We begin putting beneficial insects in the greenhouses in late winter to build up the beneficial insect population.  www.koppert.com/pests/

Plant Nutrition: The tomato plants are “tissue sampled” on a regular basis to determine the nutrition needs of the plant.  We then adjust the nutrition formula to supply the correct amounts of nutrients to the plants.  www.agr.state.nc.us/agronomi/index.htm